Apple Descriptions


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Lodi - Early July

            The Lodi apple light green in color and has been described as an early            season, summer apple, and also as a cooking apple. The cultivar has also been described as suitable for saucing (applesauce). Tart apple : Good for sauce & pies. Cooks up fast (cracks if not kept cold)

Paulared - Mid August

            First eating and baking apple, sweeter than Lodi and Earligold. Makes great tasting pie. (McIntosh type apple)

Earligold - Mid August

            Less tart than Lodi. Good for sauce & pie.

Akane - Mid August

            Crisp with a little tang. Good for baking and eating. Makes delicious dark pink apple sauce (cross between Jonathan and Worcester Permain)

Gala - Early September

            Crisper and sweeter than Akane. Good eating and baking apple. (cross between Golden Delicious and Kidd's Pippin)

Honeycrisp - Mid September   (Not for PYO 2022)

            Firm and predominantly sweet eating apple : good for sauce

McIntosh - Early September 

            A soft apple for eating and baking : sweet tasting

Ruby Mac -  Late September (New for 2021)

            Ruby Mac are a great eating apple and for applesauce. They have a tart-sweet flavor and are a beautiful red apple all shined up. You can use them in pies too but is best to mix with another apple since Ruby Mac break down easily when cooked.

Cortland - Mid September

            Great Baking and eating apple : Sweeter than McIntosh

Red Delicious - Mid September

            Popular eating Apple

Golden Delicious - Mid September

            Popular baking and eating apple.

Empire - Late September

            Good eating apple. stays firm when baked(cross between McIntosh and Red Delicious

Jonagold - Late September

            Great eating and also for baking (cross between Jonathan and Golden Delicious

Shizuka - Early October  (New for 2021)

             Excellent dessert and Eating qualities. (Golden Delicious crossed with Indo. Sweeter than Crispin) Same Qualities as Crispin, only sweeter.

Evercrisp - Early October (New for 2021) (Only Prepicked for 2022)

             A very crisp sweet apple. Excellent for salads, baking and Eating Qualities. (Honeycrisp crossed with Fuji)

Cameo - Mid October (New for 2021)

             A firm and crisp apple with a balance of sweet & tart. Great fresh eating apple. Excellent for salads, pies, sauces & baking.


Crispin (Mutsu) - Mid October

            Excellent dessert and processing qualities (cross between Golden Delicious and Indo)

Idared - Mid October (Not available for PYO)

            The Idared has white flesh with a firm body, and generally considered to be tart and juicy. It is very well suited for making apple sauce, pies and cakes (cross between Jonathan and Wagner)

Rome - Mid October

            Good for baking and eating (slightly tart)

Fuji - Mid October

            Firm, crisp and sweet eating apple (cross between Ralls Janet and Red Delicious)

Braeburn - Late October

            Crisp and mildly sweet tart : flavor is rich and aromatic

Grannysmith - Late October

            Tart Green apple : Good for baking and eating

Pink Lady - November (Not available for PYO)

            Sweet-tart eating apple and very crisp