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Peach & Nectarine Season

Peach Season 2023

Pick Your Own Peaches
currently Closed

Highlighted in Gray

finished for the season

Highlighted in Green

currently available 

We accept Cash only

(checks & cards are not accepted)

Pets are not permitted on premises.

Peach Varieties:

  • Saturn (STAND ONLY)

  • 8 Ball Yellow

  • 8 Ball White

  • Red Haven

  • Pf 13

  • Pf 17

  • Pf 19

  • Bellaire

  • Sunhigh

  • White Lady -white

  • Glo-Haven

  • Summer Pearl - white

  • Coralstar

  • Loring 

  • Redkist

  • Glowingstar

  • Pf 24-007

  • Pf 25

  • Redskin

  • Pf 28

  • AutumnStar

Nectarine Varieties:

Summer Beaut - yellow

Arctic Jay - white

Red Gold - yellow

Fantasia  -yellow

Zephyr - white

Peaches & Nectarines begins approximately late July or early August.

   Peach Season (Starts around early August thru mid Sept.)

       Mon - Fri    10:00am to 6:00pm

       Saturday    10:00am to 4:00pm

        Sunday     Closed

We grow only Freestone varieties of Peaches & Nectarines(Cling-free or Freestone peaches refer to fruit where the flesh is not attached to the pit. The pit can be easily removed, making them a pleasure both to eat out of hand, and for cooking, baking and canning, since they are easy to prep)

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